Photo of Ryan Halley.CBA.Kerrville

“I’ve been working on the Claim for one of my combat Marines who served two Iraq tours and one in Afghanistan. He had been getting denied any service connection at all for years,” said Ryan Halley, pictured, Marine Corps veteran and Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Claims Benefits Advisor (CBA). “We submitted appeals for some of his previously denied conditions and added some new conditions through the PACT Act.”

In May 2023, Halley’s efforts had increased the veteran’s disability compensation to 60%. The veteran first learned of his award via an email from his bank about a new deposit, just as he going on vacation with his family.

“When he checked his account, he observed a roughly $8,000 retroactive payment for the Claims we submitted. He said that he went from telling his kids that they couldn’t get any snacks, to telling them to get any snacks they want.”

photo of Mike Jaeger

The veteran is expected to receive further retro payment, according to TVC Claims Department Southwest District Manager and Army veteran Mike Jaeger, pictured. “Once Ryan was notified of the award by the veteran, he then submitted a 686c (VA form) to add the veteran’s dependents as he is now eligible for the ‘with dependents’ rate so the veteran’s Retro payment will go up again.” Additionally, the veteran has three issues still on deferral.

The success of helping this Amarillo area veteran receive his benefits demonstrates the effectiveness of the new TVC Claims phone appointment system as CBA Halley is based in Kerrville.

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