In April, a homeless man brought into a Permiacare mental health facility by Odessa Police turned out to be a decorated Air Force war veteran in need of health care.

photo of Jayni Whitefield MVPN Odessa

“They found this man on the street. He appeared to be homeless and having health issues,” said Jayni Whitefield, Texas Veterans Commission Certified Peer Service Coordinator of the Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN) and Army veteran, pictured.


Permiacare office staff found a VA card on the man and once he was confirmed as a veteran, he was referred to Whitefield.

“This man is a decorated war veteran for the Air Force. He was from North Carolina and had been robbed of his vehicle and belongings and hence was living on the streets,” said Whitefield.

The veteran had suffered two strokes and was placed into a hospital for treatment.

“After doing some research I found out the veteran was 40% disabled through the VA,” said Whitefield “The veteran needed long term placement as he was going to be discharged from the hospital. So, I worked with a local nursing home and we got him placed into the facility so he was able to get the medical care he needed instead of being placed back on the streets. I don’t think the veteran would have survived if discharged back to the streets.”