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The aim of the Provider Training Program is to offer licensed clinicians and any mental health professionals with training and technical assistance aimed at promoting military cultural competency. Based on the unique mental health needs of the veteran community, the Provider Training Program offers trainings tailored to the needs of the audience as it relates to suicide prevention, lethal means restriction, military traumas, and evidence-based practices.

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All training are free with CEU’s upon completion of the course.

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Military Cultural Competency

 Military Culture

Boost military culture understanding with our specialized training. Enhance organizations’ effectiveness in working with veterans and families. Develop skills to navigate veterans’ unique needs and increase success with our Military Culture Competency training.

Workplace Bonds: Integrating Veterans

“Workplace Bonds: Integrating Veterans” delves into the meaningful process of incorporating veterans into the workplace. This narrative explores the dynamics of building strong connections and fostering a supportive environment where veterans can thrive professionally.

Core Skills for Working with Veterans

Learn to ask impactful questions addressing veterans’ needs during their transition. Develop the skills to connect, build rapport, and guide veterans toward their goals.

Texans Ask- Did you serve

Texans ASK: “Did You Serve?” Initiative is crafted to uncover veterans within the community who may not self-identify. Many veterans choose not to label themselves for various reasons. The initiative has discovered that asking “Did you serve?” instead of “Are you a veteran?” yields more accurate responses. This training equips you with all the tools needed to implement the Texans ASK “Did You Serve?” Initiative effectively.

Faith Strengthening for Veterans: Training Individuals to Provide Support”

Introducing our Faith Champions Training: designed for individuals affiliated with a faith organization, eager to assist veterans within their community. Faith Champions receive training on effectively working with veterans, connecting them to essential resources, and establishing seamless communication with local peer service coordinators for top-notch support.

Military Trauma-Informed

Military Trauma-Informed Care

Struggling to understand trauma’s impact on veterans or unsure how to assist? This program introduces the 9 principles of trauma-informed care, helping you recognize signs, work with veterans, and provide effective interventions.

Texas ACEs-Informed

ACEs Training: Grasp the lifelong impact of childhood experiences on health. Recognize signs and offer vital support for children, families, and communities. Essential for professionals aiding military families at risk for or affected by ACEs.

ASK Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training

ASK Suicide Gatekeeper Training equips you with intervention skills to minimize and reduce suicide risk factors for individuals in distress. Learn to provide crucial support services to those at risk or contemplating suicide.

Navigating Veteran Triggers: Strategies for Effective Management

“In Navigating Veteran Triggers: Strategies for Effective Management,” we explore essential approaches to successfully handle and address triggers among veterans. This narrative delves into practical strategies aimed at promoting the well-being and support of those who have served.

Military Trauma’s A Deeper Dive

Enhance your understanding of working with veterans and treating Military Trauma in our Deeper Dive course. Cover PTSD, Moral Injury, Military Sexual Trauma, and Traumatic Brain Injury, exploring effective assessment methods and interventions for these symptoms.

CALM (Counseling Access to Lethal Means)

Lethal means restriction in suicide prevention limits access to self-harm tools, ensuring a safe environment and offering resources such as mental health support, crisis hotlines, and other services for those at risk.

Addressing Veteran Suicide and Homelessness

Addressing Veteran Suicide and Homelessness requires a holistic approach. Understand risk factors, prioritize access to quality mental health services, and secure housing with ample support for veterans.

Training Registration/Request Form

“Disclaimer: This is not an emergency line and is not monitored as such. Please allow up to two (2) business days for a response. For a mental health crisis, please call 988 (press “1” for veterans). For a medical emergency, please call 911.”


Rural Veteran Counselors

Get in contact with State-wide certified and licensed Mental Health Providers. 



Veteran Counselor
(936) 208-9057

Coverage Counties:
Angelina, Houston, Jasper, Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, & Trinity



Veteran Counselor
(512) 227-4962

Coverage Counties:
Bastrop, Burnet, Cadwell, Fayette, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Lee, & Williamson



Veteran Counselor
(325) 670-4817

Coverage Counties:
Callahan, Jones, Shackelford, Stephens & Taylor


LMFT Associate

Veteran Counselor
(254) 717-5712

Coverage Counties:
Bosque, Falls, Freestone, Hill, Limestone, & McLennan



Veteran Counselor
(512) 626-4594

Coverage Counties:
Bastrop, Burnet, Cadwell, Fayette, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Lee, & Williamson

Bonnie Rose B. Blattman

Veteran Therapist

Veteran Counselor
(903) 952-8140

Coverage Counties:
Henderson, Rains, Smith, Van Zandt, Wood



Veteran Counselor
(956) 520-8864

Coverage Counties:
Cameron, Hidalgo, Williacy


Greater Waco Area

Veteran Counselor
Apply Here!

Coverage Counties:
Bosque, Falls, Freestone, Hill, Limestone, & McLennan


Greater Tyler Area

Veteran Counselor
Apply Here!

Coverage Counties:
Henderson, Rains, Smith, Van Zandt, Wood

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