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The intent of the Community Faith-Based Program is to involve community and faith-based organizations in developing and implementing strategies to support the wellbeing of veterans and their families. In addition to training and technical assistance, this aim is accomplished through the implementation of the Faith & Allegiance Initiative.

Additionally, given the overlap between mental health needs and advanced risk for homelessness, VMHD is tasked with leading TVC’s Homeless Veteran Initiative which aims to reduce veteran homelessness in both urban and rural settings across Texas.

Listen to Retired Air Force Veteran John Wilson explain the Faith & Allegiance Initiative and the Did You Serve Campaign?

Military Veteran Peer Network is TVC Certified

Faith and Allegiance Initiative

Just as those who served in uniform swore to bear true Faith and Allegiance to our Nation, the Faith and Allegiance Initiative encourages community and faith-based partners to bear true faith and allegiance by offering their hand in support.

Mr. Wilson, the Community and Faith-Based Program Manager for the Texas Veterans Commission’s (TVC’s) Veterans Mental Health Department (VMHD), founded the Faith Allegiance Initiative. He notes that the more positive the transition to civilian life the better the behavioral health outcome. The common factors to a successful transition are finding social connectivity, a sense of community and new mission or calling which helps build resiliency.

The Faith Allegiance Initiative is now woven into the fabric of the Texas Veterans Commission’s Veterans Mental Health Department, is also part of the Austin Mayor’s Challenge to prevent suicide among Service Members, Veterans and their Families (SMVF) and the state’s Long-term Veterans Suicide Prevention Plan.

The Faith and Allegiance Initiative state-wide implementation began with VMHD taking the lead whereby:

1.VMHD will provide training   on  the impacts of trauma  while in the military.

2. TVC-certified Peer Services Coordinators of the Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN) will provide Peer-to-Peer support and engagement through training and linkage to their Volunteer Peers, creating a statewide network of Veteran peer support.

3. Communities of faith are encouraged to appoint Veterans Champions from within congregations to  serve as resource focal points for SMVF, promote classes on military culture, etc. through TVC’s Veterans Mental Health Department and the MVPN.

Leaders of both rural and metropolitan areas, faith leaders, community partners are encourange to begin a dialogue to establish local Faith and Allegiance Initiative programs with their areas.

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