Up to 2,000 Texas service members wonder where they’ll sleep nightly, with state and government aid a continuously difficult process. “I still don’t know where I’m going to go,” Stiles said. “Kind of heartbreaking, makes you want to give up but I’ve been through too much in life to give up.” Texas Veterans Commission Director of Mental Heath Blake Harris says the issue right now is bigger than just writing checks. Organizations like the TVC are committed to getting veterans off the streets longterm. “There’s no one solution that’s going to fix veteran homelessness,” Harris said. “Having to collaborate and coordinate, get the community of stakeholders to rally around and not just get someone into a house, but focus on how they can sustain that housing after they obtain it. That includes employment, utilities and all sorts of things to get people back on their feet.” Watch: Dr. Harris on Spectrum News
Author: vmhd